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No winter wonderland

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Contractors from across the country have been dealing with one of the weirdest winters in recent memory. And while it can be nice to not have to don your parka when you head to work, the lack of appreciable snowfall in many markets could have a tremendous impact. reported that, as of last week, only 22 percent of the nation was covered by snow. That’s the smallest area of the U.S. covered since 2004.

The Intermountain West, especially the Sierra of California and the mountains of Nevada and Utah, shows a substantial snow drought this year when compared to normal and past years. The northern Plains and the upper Great Lakes are other areas that have little snowcover compared to past years.

Contractors are seeing red, as their plows sit idle, and a lack of the white stuff could mean lower reservoirs come spring, especially in the west.

But the weird weather could be an opportunity. Lawn America, a Tulsa lawn care company, has used lack of precipitation as a news peg to contact customers about the best ways to maintain their turf in a dry winter.

At Davey’s blog, they suggest ways to help customers protect their trees and shrubs from the wildly fluctuating temperatures we’ve seen, especially in the Midwest, in the past few weeks.

And, our sister pub Snow Magazine, whose readers could be the hardest hit by a lack of snow and ice, ran this column about how to be productive while you wait for the next blizzard.

As we head into the weekend, the forecast for looks more like, well, winter. The Midwest should get colder temperatures and more snow. Bad for drivers, but good for contractors.


January 12th, 2012 at 2:20 pm

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