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‘This is a terrible idea.’

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This comes to us from Todd Davis, the editor of Nursery Management, one of our sister publications in Fort Worth, Texas.

Seems that the oppressive heat and drought conditions in the Lone Star State have pushed some residents to tear out their turf and replace it with the fake stuff.

Clark said all of Alldredge Gardens’ recent jobs have been complete artificial renovations. The company exclusively is using a high-end artificial grass called EZ Turf. The massive, carpet-like squares are stitched together and have an underground irrigation system to stop pooling. The landscaping company has installed more than 30,000 square feet of the material in the past four months.

The chief landscaper is optimistic about this product as he rattled off its benefits: No need to water, no mowing, low maintenance, pet friendly, durable and almost fade-proof. Although the initial investment price for the artificial grass is about three times what his company would charge for a simple sod job, after about eight years the investment starts to pay dividends. Once the initial cost is covered, there is little more expenditure compared to those of a natural lawn. There is a 15-year manufacturer warranty and an estimated life-span between 20 and 25 years.

Here’s what Todd has to say:

This is a terrible idea. Can you imagine how hot your house in West Texas would get if it was surrounded by artificial turf insead of natural grass? Oh my gosh, with that reflected heat, it might get up to 150 degrees.

I live in Ohio and can’t speak to conditions in Texas, but I don’t t imagine an AstroTurf lawn being very easy on your feet in the summer months. Any landscapers down south have experience with this care to comment? Send it to me at


February 23rd, 2012 at 9:18 pm

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