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Don’t be binary

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One of the ways computers communicate is a system called binary code. It’s a way to represent commands or text with numbers (in this case, ones or zeros) instead of letters or other symbols.

It’s an efficient and simple way for machines to function. The problem comes when one of those ones or zeroes gets chopped off, or a series of them gets dropped somewhere in the internet ether. Then, instead of the correct function – or something similar to the correct function – you get nothing.

It’s why computers are so good at many things, but if you type the wrong command in, they don’t work. People can behave this way, too. Ask someone for directions or where to find the milk or how much a patio costs, and if they don’t know, you’ll get one of two answers.

You might get the binary answer: “I don’t know.”

Or you can get the human answer: “I’m not sure, but I know someone who does. Hold on a minute and I’ll find out for you.”

It’s easy to be binary, but really frustrating for your customers.


May 30th, 2012 at 1:28 am