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A ride in the woods

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Scott Jamison, vice president at Bartlett Tree Experts and cyclist extraordinaire, sent me this note yesterday:

Not sure if you are aware of this green industry fundraising event. I am riding for the first time. 600 miles on a bike in and around the mountains of Portland, OR, for 7 days. I hesitate to send you my blog link after reading your social media issue that arrived yesterday, but here it is anyway. Going to try and keep posting during the ride.

On Sunday, Scott and dozens other tree lovers will set out on a seven-day bicycle tour through the woods and mountains of Oregon as part of the Stihl Tour des Trees. The ride raises money for the TREE Fund, one of the leading tree research and advocacy organizations the green industry has. Since its founding 20 years ago, the ride has pulled in more than $5 million.

You can follow Scott’s blog here. He’s on Twitter, too.

The folks who do this ride are dedicated to the industry and to the sport. They’re spending a week in the saddle, pedaling nearly 100 miles a day. And just to roll up to the start line, they had to pony up at least $3,500 for the fund.

So to Scott and the rest of the riders, I say good luck. I’ll pray for sunshine and a seven-day tailwind.



August 4th, 2012 at 6:47 pm