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I’m down in muggy Ft. Myers Florida this week attending the annual board meeting of Project Evergreen. The group is a non-profit dedicated to promoting the value of green spaces to consumers. They’re led by my good friend and former colleague here at L&L Cindy Code.

This year marks the group’s 10th anniversary, and in the last decade, it’s done a lot of cool projects and charitable work to improve blighted areas and raise the profile of the industry. But the main reason you should know PE is for its Green Care for Troops and Snow Care for Troops programs.

In a nutshell, PE works as a hub that connects families of deployed military with local landscapers, lawn care operators and (in the north) snow removal contractors to help maintain their properties while their loved one is serving away from home.

These two programs are really PE’s crown jewel, and I’d encourage you to sign up today. A small contribution of your time and talent for these miltary families is a any easy way to have a big impact.


December 13th, 2012 at 1:32 pm