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How landscaping saves energy

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Energy Efficient Home Landscapes from ASLA on Vimeo.

This quick video from ASLA walks you through some concrete ways landscaping can reduce energy consumption at homes and businesses.

It would be a great addition to a sales presentation, or to send to clients interested in this sort of work.

And ASLA has included some tangible information on why trees, green roofs and other landscape additions can help cut energy costs.

Taken together, American homes account for 22 percent of total energy use as well as nearly 22 percent of carbon dioxide emissions (1.19 billion metric tons).

McKinsey & Co, a management consulting firm, found that energy use in the U.S. could be cut by 23 percent by 2020 by implementing simple energy efficiency measures. … If placed strategically, trees can reduce summertime cooling energy needs by 7-47 percent and wintertime heating needs by 2-8 percent.

You can read the rest of the stats here.

And, you can read up on the trend in sustainable landscaping in our March issue’s special report, which just went live online.


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