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Why plants die

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Our friends at ValleyCrest have put together a great list of reasons why native and “drought-tolerant” plants die. It’s a great, quick read that’s worth sharing with your clients.

Yeah! You made the effort to be green and you jumped on the conserve water, only use drought tolerant, native plants sustainability bandwagon and what happened? The plants died and you want to know WHY??? Here are 5 reasons why your drought tolerant, native plants died.

Yes, plants can be drought tolerant, but unless they are petroleum based (plastic), silk or preserved. They are going to need some water.

Often new plants are added to existing plantings. Ergo the problem. Established plants require less water than newly installed plants. Irrigation systems are often “dialed back” for established plants to conserve water and may not provide enough water for the new plants. But before you go and jack up the irrigation, check out the next reason plants die.

Get the full list here.


August 6th, 2013 at 7:35 pm

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