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Class and candor for unhappy clients

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Ben Bowen at Ross NW Watergardens in Portland today has a good read on negative Yelp reviews, and the frustration that comes from dealing with these anonymous and unfiltered review sites.

Short version: The company got a bad review from someone they’ve never done work for.

Longer version from Ben:

What makes this really frustrating is what we didn’t do. We didn’t prune the wrong bush. We didn’t burn the lawn. We didn’t install a leaky water feature. In fact, we never did any work for the person at all.

W.S. left us a 1 star review based on a missed appointment. I believe I know who W.S. is. And I think I know what happened. If he had left the review using his name I would certainly reach out to him.

To W.S. I would like to say: “I’m sorry that I missed the appointment. I obviously misunderstood our last email exchange. Can I send you a Starbuck’s card for your trouble?”

Ben handles this with class and candor. He wrote a great piece for us earlier this year about dealing with unhappy customers, and it’s nice to see him practicing what he preaches.

It’s a great, quick read, and you can find it here.


August 13th, 2013 at 2:03 pm

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