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Great Idea: 4 sales tips

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Here’s your weekly installment from L&L columnist Marty Grunder – four ways to tweak your sales calls to speed up the process and increase your closing percentage.

Good luck this week!

My buddy and mentor Ed Eppley is a brilliant sales coach. He was teaching us what we need to do to help ensure our selling efforts are successful with prospects. Here are 4 tips he shared recently with my team.

1.    You need to establish clarity around the expectations your clients have for a successful transaction.

2.    Begin the second call by establishing what changes, if any, have taken place since our first conversation” in the thinking of the prospect. (Done to determine if either the “current” or “desired” realities on which his proposal is built are still the same.)

3.    Consider asking what budget people have established for their project. (Not always a true indicator of what people are prepared to spend but it may help determine what value they place on your kind of work.)

4.    Be prepared to ask “closing” questions to help prospects make a decision so you can advance the opportunity further through the selling cycle. If they say no, it creates an opportunity to ID specifically why they are hesitating which should ultimately shorten the selling cycle.


April 19th, 2011 at 5:41 pm

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