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This happy family would love to purchase some landscaping services. As well as a new Studebaker and one of those color televisions they've heard so much about.

Big Brother is watching, and recording. Marketers, researchers and analysts mine all sorts of data to figure out what makes people tick. Input some information on your target customer demographic to find out what they do for fun, what TV shows they watch and what they spend their money on.

A new tool from Marketplace gives you 65 profiles of American households. The site is a collaboration between Marketplace, a daily radio broadcast from American Public Media, and mapping and data analyst company ESRI.

We mentioned this in our January cover story, but it’s a fun way to learn a little more about what your customers are into. Here are some great examples. Recognize any of your customers? Or yourself?

The power parents! You are in your mid-30s to mid-40s, you are highly educated, highly successful in your career and you make bank. You also make jellyfish costumes out of streamers and garbage bags for the 4th grade production of The Little Mermaid. You’ve got kids in school and they dominate your free time and your wallet. You drop most of your dough on toys, sports equipment, flat-screen TVs, family vacations and video games.

Senior Sun Seekers:
The snowbirds! Break out the playing cards and the SPF, your golden years are all about sun. Your budget maybe tight, but that doesn’t stop you from migrating between houses depending on the weather – while there, you like to invest in fixing the place up. You love eating out as well as painting, and gardening. You’re very fit and active and also active in your community—belonging to local fraternal orders and participating in charities. You love the great outdoors, and are a frequent visitor to national parks and also like to hunt and fish.

Main Street USA:
It’s the Griswolds! You are solidly middle class, average in our late 30s, own a house and most of your have kids. You’re very family oriented. You’ve got a solid job (which you NEED because braces, piano lessons and summer camp are not cheap). You watch your pennies and tend to prefer frugal activities like home movie night or board games. When you travel, it’s all about the munchkins—theme parks and national parks (Walley World!) You enjoy working on your home and your lawn. You enjoy eating out when not savoring the latest installment from the Jelly of the Month Club. Also, you own cats (don’t let them near the Christmas lights!)


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