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Lasting impressions

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Last week I bought jewelry from Stella & Dot, so it was no surprise when a plain, brown box showed up in the mail Friday.

I cut through the packaging tape with my key and pried open the first flap of the plain, ordinary brown box. When I turned the box flap over, there was a message that read “You are truly fabulous.” The boxes inside followed with the messages: “You have a great eye” and “You’ve got smarts and style.”

Of course Stella & Dot’s wrapping is pandering to its 20-something female customers like me, but there are a few lessons here.

1. It was totally unexpected. Did they need to do it? No. Did I appreciate it? Yes.

2. It shows they pay attention to detail. A company that puts that much time and energy into designing the boxes it ships its products in is probably going to put the same detail into the product.

3. It changed the entire buying experience. I knew what was going to be in the box. But instead of just opening the box and taking the earrings and necklace out of plastic wrapping, the carefully, individually wrapped boxes made me feel like I was opening a present.

Stella & Dot is comparable to say Mary Kay or CUTCO – you can’t buy its products in stores, they are sold through local representatives, and it relies on a brand forming largely by word of mouth. In shipping me my purchase – its final form of communication with me – Stella & Dot needed to make a lasting impression. The company needed to do something that would make me enjoy the entire experience and make me think of them the next time I want to buy jewelry.

For landscapers, it’s like doing a one-time project and hoping the customer likes your work enough they call you back on a regular basis. Besides doing great work for the client, what are you doing to leave a lasting impression?


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May 29th, 2011 at 1:15 pm

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