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Are your employees freaking customers out?

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My wife and I headed out to a local Italian restaurant we hadn’t been to in about six years (a good coupon gets us all the time). We sat down, and our waitress let us know the specials, and then walked away. Nope, didn’t take our drink orders, but that’s OK, people forget things. She comes back, takes our order and eventually brings out our food. Yumm, looks good…can’t wait to enjoy our pasta.

Except, during our meal, the waitress got really weird on us. “Hey, did you guys here what I just told that other table,” she asks. We figured there was a great dessert special (like I said, we’re suckers for a good deal). Nope, she began to tell us to live in the now, seize the moment. Then babbled on about how she was using reverse psychology to help us live our lives. Oh, and she could be rich, but didn’t want to be rich (hmm, someone’s not getting a tip). She referred to her section as her family, and she and her manager were going to use reverse psychology on all of us to make sure we live in the moment.

She then came back and summed her previous speech up. Listen, I’m all about employees who are excited about their jobs, but I guess there is a line. This just freaked us out, and it’ll be a long time before we go back, if ever. Problem was, the food was great.

So, where do business owners draw the line when allowing employees to show their personalities? As landscapers, your employees can get lots of face-to-face time with customers, and could lose a job. The waitress truly believed what she was saying was great, but it just put us on edge. And we didn’t complain because what do you say, “Your waitress is weird?” Nope, we just won’t go back.

Do you think you’ve ever lost a job because an employee was just weird? How do you stop it in the future? Anyone know any good Italian restaurants? And I did tip 20 percent, thank you very much.


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June 20th, 2011 at 8:54 pm

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