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How to host a Facebook contest

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Hicks Landscaping wanted to generate traffic not only to its Facebook page but to its website. So what did the Raleigh, N.C., company do? They hosted a Facebook contest.

Whoever won the title of Ugliest Yard in Wake County, which was put to a vote by Facebook fans, would win a $10,000 lawn makeover. A lucky homeowner ended up winning and Hicks Landscape received more than 2,300 new likes on its Facebook page, bringing the point of the contest full-circle.

Nowadays, giveaways and contests are constantly popping up on Facebook. So how do you make yours stick out? By asking these three questions proposed by SmartBlog, you can increase your chances for success:

1. What is your overall goal? Typical contests try to increase brand awareness or the number of “Likes” on a page. Don’t run a contest just because you can. Make sure you’re getting something valuable out of the company’s effort.

2. Who is your audience? Generally, Facebook is used for four types of contests: sweepstakes, essay, photo and video. Each contest speaks to a different audience. Who are you trying to engage in the contest?

3. How much can you spend? Set a budget to dictate the quality of prize you can give away and the type of contest to run. Money isn’t everything, but if you’re going to make contestants work the prize should be worth the effort.

Other advice from SmartBlog: Keep it simple.

While innovative contest concepts may get big brands some awesome PR, keep in mind that these are just the success stories — there are just as many promotions that have majorly flopped due, in part, to their complexity. Better your odds of running a successful promotion by keeping things simple. Do you really need to know job titles, marital statuses or numbers of children? Every field a user has to submit directly affects the number of entries you receive, and fewer entries mean less exposure.


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