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Here at the L&L offices in Cleveland, we have two great businesses in the city (insert joke about Cleveland economy here).  One is Great Lakes Brewery and the other is Mitchell’s Ice Cream. Mitchell’s makes delicious ice cream and Great Lakes brews fantastic beer with its crown jewel being Christmas Ale. It’s heaven in a bottle, seriously. So, someone got the great idea to combine the two. You like beer…you like ice cream…sold! Read the press release below.

Christmas Ale Ginger Snap Ice Cream!
Great Lakes Brewing Company and Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream Partner on Limited Holiday Flavor

October 17, 2011—CLEVELAND, OHIO—The holidays are going to be much sweeter this year!  Great Lakes Brewing Company (GLBC) and Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream have partnered on what is expected to be a phenomenal ice cream flavor for the holiday season; the two companies expect to release Christmas Ale Ginger Snap on November 1, 2011 for a limited time at GLBC’s Ohio City location and Mitchell’s five (5) Northeast Ohio locations.

The primary flavor in Christmas Ale Ginger Snap is, of course, GLBC’s Christmas Ale, a holiday ale brewed with honey and spiced with fresh ginger and cinnamon.  Similar to repurposing spent brewer’s grain to make GLBC’s gourmet bread and pretzels, a small amount of residual Christmas Ale (previously expelled after the bottle filling process) is now captured from the filler and supplied to Mitchell’s.  This process helps both companies achieve their philosophies of zero waste.  Mitchell’s then adds fresh organic ginger, a dash of Vietnamese cinnamon, local honey and homemade ginger snaps and voila! One more reason to love the holidays in Cleveland!

Christmas Ale Ginger Snap will be available at GLBC as a dessert and in pints-to-go; all Mitchell’s locations will feature scoops, pints and quarts for customers.  GLBC and Mitchell’s have previously partnered on another ice cream flavor called the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Chocolate Chunk, which is currently available at GLBC.

So, while you can’t mix beer and ice cream to make money (that we know of anyway), you can get creative with your branding/marketing. So get to it!

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