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Water-saving tech

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A new gadget could save multi-family buildings lots of water. It lets individual apartments track their own water usage and get charged accordingly, instead of aggregating everyone’s consumption and charging a blanket rate.

The technology, developed by an Atlanta-based team of researchers, was recently profiled in The Atlantic:

24 million apartments don’t have an individual water meter. Instead, the water bill is tallied by the entire building. That means that it is difficult to encourage efficiency through a price signal because people aren’t paying for the water they actually use. In the past, if you wanted to install individual meters for every unit, you’d have to cut into the water pipes and stick those meters inside. That’s expensive and time-consuming. The Soneter meter, by contrast, clamps on outside the pipe, meaning it’s easier and cheaper to install.

By making individuals aware of how much water they use, the thinking goes, you can get them to take more responsibility for their consumption.

Sounds like a great way for commercial landscape companies to help out their property managers keep tabs on their water use, especially in drought-stricken states Georgia.



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