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Learn from a pitchman

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The bearded man on that couch is Adam Lisagor. He’s a filmmaker. Well, to be totally accurate, he mostly shoots online commercials for tech companies. The above video is one he put together for a great iPad app called Flipboard.

And while you don’t produce commercials on the internet, I think there’s a lot to learn from Lisagor’s style and approach to communicating with viewers and customers.

In a recent Fast Company article, Lisagor outlined the three biggest mistakes companies make when trying to talk with customers:

1. Companies Disrespect the Audience’s Time
“It’s the Internet, not TV, so you could take all the time in the world. That doesn’t mean you should. Put extra thought into how to explain yourself in the simplest way, show us you’re mindful of our time, and we’ll love you for it.”

2. They Underestimate the Audience’s Intelligence
“Audiences are almost always smarter than you think. So let us meet you halfway to understand your concept. We’ll feel healthy for having done the work, clever for having gotten the concept, and we’ll love you for it.”

3. They Follow a Formula
“At each creative decision, ask whether you’re doing it a certain way because that’s the way you’ve seen it done before. If the answer is yes, then figure out if there’s a better way. You’ll stand apart from the rest, and we’ll love you for it.”

Again, you probably aren’t in the same business, but Lisagor’s ideas – communicating clearly, respecting the customer and differentiating yourself – should resonate with any company selling anything.

You can watch more of his work here.


December 1st, 2011 at 1:41 pm