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The ‘Picasso of parking lots’

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We’re proud to say that we knew Chris Couri back when. The landscaper-turned-parking lot painter was featured recently in Businessweek.

While Couri admits that painting lines isn’t “rocket science,” he claims to bring a level of professionalism and organization to an industry sorely lacking in both. As co-owner of a landscaping operation in Connecticut, he had “horrible experiences with line painters.” He soon proposed a new business venture to his landscaping partners, Daniel Rella and Tom Darrow. “One of the things that attracted us about line painting was that it’s largely off the radar,” he says. “There’s virtually no competition. Everybody knows that parking lots have lines, but nobody knows how they get there. There’s no premier provider.”

We profiled him in our 2011 Franchise Guide, and spoke to him about the nature of franchsining in May.

Check him out now that he’s a “Picasso of parking lots.”


October 15th, 2012 at 1:24 pm