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Get inside the mind of a property manager

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In our forthcoming September issue, we sit down with Joe Markling, the CEO at BOMA and head of strategic accounts for CBRE, to find out what property managers and building owners want from landscape and snow contractors.

Here’s a sneak preview:

L&L: What do your members wish landscape contractors knew about how they provide their services?
Markling: Here’s an example. I’m from California and the big issue here is water … and you can’t control how much water you have access to. I have a lot of concerns that landscape contractors need to be much more aggressive with their clients – us – to say ‘If you want this area to stay green, then it’s going to cost you this much in water. We need to put together a plan that overtime will move you toward a drought-tolerant planting (strategy).’

Now, no owner wants to hear about a $10 million landscape project that will only begin paying back after nine years, so the landscape contractor needs to come in with a plan that address certain areas at a time. If it’s a utility issue … it’s a sustainability issue … it’s a water issue, and today’s tenants are much more tolerant of not having the lush green landscape surroundings. In fact, in some cases, it can be a turnoff because of how much it costs – not only in dollars, but in water – to maintain. Landscape contractors need to have a frank ongoing discussion about how we can have a plan, over a period of years, to slowly integrate these changes and is easily budgeted.

Keep an eye out for the September issue for more.


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