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Be like Apple

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You don’t sell computers, or gadgets. But, we could all take a page from the folks at Apple on how they approach customer service.

If you like Apple products, and you’re their target demographic, then you’re in the club. They work very hard to give sell you (at a premium) what you want.

If you don’t — you don’t like the iPad, you think the iPhone should have more rounded corners, etc. — then they don’t have time for you. Send him your complaints and suggestions, and Steve Jobs will not be nice to you. He won’t be kind because he’s busy trying to please the people who already think Apple is awesome, and doesn’t want to waste time trying to convert someone who isn’t already sold.

It’s the same in any service industry. Why spend lots of time, attention and focus trying to capture new customers who don’t already want a new landscape or a greener yard? Spending that time on people who are already sold — or better, are already your customers — will be much more profitable.

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January 12th, 2011 at 12:36 pm

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