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If you’re not in Louisville now for the GIC and GIE+EXPO (which start today), you can follow along with us throughout the week.

We’ll be sending out e-newsletter round-ups to readers starting tomorrow. They’ll have the latest product introductions, news from the show and the editors’ commentary. Watch your inbox for those.

You can also track the tags #GIC2012, #GIEEXPO and #HardscapeNA on Twitter.

Stay tuned!


October 24th, 2012 at 12:08 pm

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It’s trade show time!

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As we gear up to head south to Louisville for the GIE+EXPO and GIC, I wanted to share this preview from our November issue.

Our great contributing editor Kristen Hampshire put together some strategies for contractors to get the most out of a conference or trade show after they get back home. After all, a few days out of the office is nice and all, but the idea of heading to a national or regional event is to bring back some knowledge or tactics or ideas that you can actually use in your company.

So, as the industry gears up for the trade show season, here are some of those ideas:

Conferences, trade shows and small-group meetings with industry peers can become a huge brain dump. You’ll take notes on more ideas than you can count. With your motivation and mojo for the business completely stoked, you head back to the office – and deal with the daily fires.

Sound familiar? All of those great ideas are filed away for “later.” The problem is, that time to implement never comes. John Rennels, president, A Plus Lawn and Landscaping, knows the feeling. “You get bombarded with ideas,” he says. “Your list is so overwhelming that you do nothing.”

There’s a constructive way to deal with that list of 50 things so you actually take action on ideas that will better your business. “Boil your ideas down to three or five action items,” Rennels suggests as a starter. “Work through them one at a time.”

Prioritize the ideas. Go through your notes and decide which ideas could be implemented in the short-term, and which are more visionary, long-term concepts. From there, choose a few ideas you’d like to implement right away.

Ask for feedback. Consult with trusted advisers, whether industry peers or an informal board – talk to your banker, accountant, fellow managers. Gather their input on the priorities you selected. How feasible are they to implement? What must be done to take action? “Evaluate those ideas and decide which ones will have the biggest impact right now,” Rennels says.

Set some deadlines. By sharing your ideas with others, you create a system of accountability. Ask those individuals to hold you to your promise to implement the ideas, and set a timeline. “Perhaps you meet with them regularly in person or over the phone to discuss your progress,” Rennels says.

Watch for your November issue in the next couple of weeks to learn more about how Rennels and other contractors make the most of their time away from their companies.


October 18th, 2012 at 4:54 pm

Kentucky on my mind

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As the weather starts to cool and the leaves fall, our minds turn to the upcoming GIE+EXPO in Louisville. Our planning is already in full swing for the green industry’s biggest show, and so it was fortunate that we stumbled across this great poster for the Bluegrass State.

(I’d always wondered where horses were invented. Makes sense, I suppose.)

The early-bird registration deadlines for PLANET’s GIC and the co-located Hardscape North America are this week, so if you’re planning a trip to the home of bourbon, baseball bats and burning couches, don’t wait.



September 11th, 2012 at 12:42 pm

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Here we go!

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The L&L team drove down to Louisville from Cleveland today, and successfully arrived with no speeding tickets or other traffic infractions. So far, the show is a success!

We’re gearing up for for the GIC and GIE+EXPO, and I wanted to pass along a few things I’d recommend you check out if you’re in Louisville for the shows.

  1. In our September issue, associate editor Carolyn LaWell put together a great piece on how to make the most of a trade show. It’s a quick read with some very valuable tips for anyone attending a conference.
  2. Stop by our booth (#1084) Thursday, Friday and Saturday for a chance to win an iPad 2. We’ll also be announcing the winner of our year-long What Kind of Reader Are You? contest, as well as our Environmental Business Awards. You can also pick up our October issue, which contains our annual must-read State of the Industry Report.
  3. Follow the L&L team on our various social media platforms: this blog, twitter (@lawnlandscape) and Facebook are the best ways.
  4. Come to our tweet-up Thursday at 8:30 at Champions at the Louisville Marriott. You can finally meet all our editors – and our awesome followers and friends – in person.

With all the new products, great sessions and networking opportunities, there’s enough going on in Louisville during the next few days to fill up two weeks. We’ll be reporting on all the news from the show during and afterward, so stay tuned here, at and our December issue for updates. And good luck out there!

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October 26th, 2011 at 3:20 am

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L&L on the road: Maryland

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James Reeve, CEO at Chapel Valley, works on his delivery with our videographer at the company’s headquarters in Woodbine, Md.

Part of the Lawn & Landscape team (me and our videographer) is on the road this week in Maryland, where we’re filming the first part of a special video project in partnership with PLANET for the GIC this fall.

Today we visited with Landon and James Reeve at Chapel Valley Landscape.

James, who took over as CEO in 2003, has moved the company away from the design/build work that it thrived on for years to a more maintenance-based operation.

“You can’t not cut the grass, but you can not plant the tree,” James told me. “So we’re cutting the grass.”

Stay tuned for more details on our project, and watch for information on the GIC.


June 29th, 2011 at 9:47 am

Louisville. Again.

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A bird's eye map of Louisville from 1876. No, the show hasn't been there that long.

I know it’s only April, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the fall lately, especially this year’s GIE+EXPO and GIC in Louisville.

Registration for the EXPO is open, and you can book your rooms for the GIC already, too. We’re working with both groups on developing some of the programming for the show and conference this year, and they should be great events.

(Register by May 31 and you could win tickets to the Quaker State 400 in Sparta, Ky.)

One thing I hear from a lot of contractors and suppliers is that the show has been in Louisville for so long, they’re tired of going. I can understand that — it’s tough to head to the same city and the same hotel and the same bars and restaurants to see (pretty much) the same people every year.

But, if you look a little beyond Fourth Street, there’s a whole lot of cool stuff to see.

Like fast horses? Lay a few two-dollar bets at the Fall Meet, which opens Oct. 30. Like fried chicken? Visit Col. Sanders grave and leave a spork. Like really good meat? Book a table at Proof on Main.

Coming down to the show in the fal is a great way to learn more about what’s new in the industry, network with your colleagues and develop your skills. Don’t think you’ve seen everything the show – or Louisville – has to offer.

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April 20th, 2011 at 12:19 pm

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