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More great commercials from Hulett

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Greg Rice, head marketer at Hulett Environmental Services in West Palm Beach, is a master of promotion. With his brother, John, he helped the company grow from $1 million in pest and lawn care sales in 1990 to a $30 million regional powerhouse thanks to irreverent and tongue-in-cheek ads like the ones you can watch above.

Here’s Tim Hulett, president, from a 2007 profile of Greg from L&L‘s sister publication, PCT:

“Because (the approach) was so unique and different, it stood out, and they threw in that humor,” Hulett said. “And I was willing to take the chance on it, because I felt so strongly about them. It’s had a tremendous impact.”

The commercials, which advertise Hulett’s termite, pest and lawn services, show John Rice as a hapless homeowner who thinks he can take care of the problems himself; Greg is the level-headed voice of reason who counsels him to call Hulett. The brothers wrote, directed and starred in the 40 commercials, and often ended up dressing up as the insects and pests they were trying to eradicate.

The commercials have been so popular, Rice said, that customers often call the company and ask if they have them collected on tape or DVD.

The Rice brothers’ complete archive of commercials can be found at Hulett’s website,


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