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Monica Abington runs a Weed Man franchise in Arkansas. Just before Christmas in 2010, already saddled with the hard work of running a small business and raising four kids on her own, she started to get headaches and wasn't sleeping well.

I apparently was having seizures at night. I'm here alone, so I wasn't aware of that. I had taken my nanny, who at that time was almost full-time in the house, and the kids on a business trip. So we were all in a hotel room, and she said I began to cough and different things. The following morning I woke up to her sitting on the side of my bed, and she said, "Are you okay?"

Of course, you don't remember, so I was waking up every day going, "Wow, I really don't feel that good, but there's a lot of stress. I'm by myself, and I have these kids, and I'm running the company," you know, kind of chalk it up to what anybody would.

You would never go, "I have a brain tumor."

You can read Monica's full story in our April issue, which will be arriving soon.


March 28th, 2012 at 11:31 am