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Calling a mulligan

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Sorry, Maurice. Sorry, Bill. We’re out of here.

Sort of. (No April Fool’s, promise.)

Over the weekend, I was cleaning up L&L’s Facebook presence and delete a defunct account that was set up a few years ago. The problem was that I no longer had access to the password or username for the account and the only thing on there was an RSS feed of our website’s headlines. And while our headlines are great, I think folks want a little bit more from us.

So, to delete the account, Mark Zuckerberg and his robotic minions made me identify my friends from photos on Facebook’s servers like a police line-up. Only after a series of correct answers would our new Robotic Overlords send three of my friends a security code that I needed to input. (Thanks, guys!) I never knew this social media stuff would be like trying to launch nuclear missiles.

If you were one of our friends on the old page, I apologize for pulling the rug out from under you. But, the top-secret codes were successfully implemented, and we’ve got a brand-new Facebook page. Check it out, won’t you, and let me know what you think.


March 28th, 2011 at 8:26 am